I am the mother of an amazingly gifted and unique individual.  Theo, my son was recently diagnosed with Aspbergers at age 16.  I am writing about our journey from his traumatic birth to today.

My son is also transgender from female to male.  As I speak of our early years, I refer to him as “she” because that is part of our experience and it is important to me to be true to who he is now, as well as who he was.

I hope that through reading about my journey, someone may find answers to the multitude of questions I once had.

Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Mom

  1. I hope you will continue to write. I saw a video of Robert Gagno, If only my grandson’s mother would accept the diagnosis and take Jack who is 8. out more often. He is very quiet but is able to read and write. He doesn’t talk much. I am hurt by this because I feel she is not doing what is best for him. Please continue.


    1. Thank you, Sharon! Yes, I plan to continue writing. My mom was actually a huge help to me to see her able to reach her grandchild (my son) in a way only a grandparent can. Don’t give up on your daughter/daughter-in-law. The more information you can provide her (when she’s ready), the better prepared she will be to advocate for her son.


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