If I Knew Nothing Else, I Knew One Thing For Sure!

It’s no secret that I have searched for answers, for some help – any help – to help me better understand my child.  When we changed schools in kindergarten, we enlisted the “expertise” of a professional, a neuropsychologist, to try and find out how best to teach my child.

At the age of five, she went through a three hour assessment that was privately done.  Just her and this neuropsychologist.  We didn’t have insurance to cover this, but the $500 seemed a small price to pay to get some answers.

We did, indeed, get a few answers, but left there with more questions (new questions) than answers.

We were told that our child had a superior IQ.  How they can test the IQ of a five year old, I still don’t understand.  And, we were told that our child also had an extremely slow processing speed, which could possibly be connected to Attention Deficit Disorder.  She did not make a diagnosis of ADD, but she did mention the terms “gifted” and “twice exceptional.”

There were no resources recommended, no learning style recommendations, nothing to help me help her.  At that time, twelve years ago, there wasn’t enough information on the internet to help me understand what this meant.  What it did help me with was having a document that I could give her new school that allowed them to know that my daughter would require additional resources.  What resources those were, none of us knew but we were all prepared to learn together.

I felt extremely lucky to have an amazing school counselor at my daughter’s elementary school.  She was one of the only other adults who experienced her meltdowns and was patient and nurturing enough to help her through them.

My daughter knew she was different.  There was just no hiding it.  There were often questions and tears regarding school.  Her sadness at not fitting in broke my heart, but if I knew nothing else, I knew one thing for sure and that was that my kid was no blind follower!  My kid was undoubtedly different, but not in a negative way!  My kid is a thinker and a questioner!  I was (and still am) so very proud of my child.

I told her then and I have no doubt now that she will make a positive impact in this world.  She will make a difference because she refuses to accept the World as it is right now.  She refuses to accept the plunder, the war, the greed, the homelessness, the inequality and racism.  She sees so very clearly what so many others have been conditioned to accept or believe is normal or okay, and she can’t.  She can not and will not allow anyone to even try to tell her that what she knows in her heart, in her soul to be wrong is anything but.



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