The box is only a figment of your imagination

I am interrupting my journey timeline to write about identity and society.

I grew up very unaware.  I use that term very loosely, as I was unaware on so very many levels.

There seems to be a lot of confusion for many when even the idea of gender identity is brought up.  I think, for those who fight the notion that there is something more than just male or just female, there is something more going on than just ignorance.  There is a battle happening in their head that they believe they must win or risk living with uncertainty.

It really wasn’t all that long ago when homosexuality was looked at as a mental illness that needed to be healed.

It seems most people want everything to fit neatly into little boxes and when they don’t fit, they are deemed to be defective.  The problem with this is that everyone has their own “box” from which to judge others.  That saying, “never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes” has always rung true to me.  We are all here on this earth having our own unique experience.  What in the world would give anyone the right to judge what is right or wrong for another human being when all that human being is doing is”being”.  They aren’t hurting you or your families.

I especially love when religion is brought into the mix!  (HUGE eye roll)!

I won’t go into a full-on rant about religion, other than to say who gets to decide what religion is THE right religion?  Is there even a RIGHT religion?  I believe religion to be in the same category as societal conditioning.  You are basically taught what to believe.  You are conditioned to believe that this Bible, this Quran, this Shreemad Bhagavid Gita, this Torah, etc. is THE word of God.  I have no problem with anyone believing whatever they believe, as long as they don’t tell me that my beliefs are wrong because they don’t mesh with yours.  I would NEVER even think to try to discourage anyone from their religious affiliations, just as I would never even think to deny someone their own identity.

Who has the right to say to anyone else that they are wrong, that they are defective, that they will go to hell if they don’t fall in line, bend over and climb into this little box?  So many people want to put on the mask of greatest knowledge and nobody knows everything!  Not even close!  Why is uncertainty so dangerous a place to visit?

I believe in God because I feel the presence of something much greater than myself.  I have studied several religions with an open mind to each and I believe that there is truth written in these holy books, but not the WHOLE truth.  The whole truth is, in my belief, meant to be discovered by each of us uniquely and individually.  The people who wrote these holy texts were just that, people.  Flawed and imperfect.  Unable to separate their own prejudice when interpreting the word of God.

Societal conditioning is also a product of prejudice.  As human beings, we naturally want to understand things and we only think we understand things when and if we can relate.  How many times have you heard someone say, “I know how you feel.”  “The same thing happened to me.”  You DONT know how I feel.  How could you?  You know how YOU feel.  There is a distinct difference.

Those who profess to know with absolute certainty anything are those I prefer to stay the furthest away from.

I am on my own personal journey and I will not allow anyone to tell me, no matter how much they believe it to be in my best interest, that I need to focus on fitting into the box.  There is no fitting into the box.  There is no box.  The box is only a figment of your imagination.



3 thoughts on “The box is only a figment of your imagination

  1. Fantastic post!! Wow, an immense resounding, reverberating Yes to all of this. Who even built that box? Who says their box is The Box? Who says there can only be one box? Gah. 😉❤️


      1. You’re very welcome, my lovely! And thank *you*! ❤️). Very well-deserved – I enjoyed reading this a whole lot 👏🏼👏🏼💖


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