Our Purpose

I believe that our children chose this life before their birth. They chose us, as their parent, on purpose. It may seem absurd that our kids would choose such a life of struggle and pain, but if you think about it - change only occurs under severe discomfort. Our job, as their parent, is to … Continue reading Our Purpose

Understanding Aspberger’s (as it pertains to my child)

I get so frustrated sometimes! I understand that a great portion of the population just do not understand ASD (hate the term "disorder") and either think it's a scapegoat for poor behavior (for the young Aspergians) or just an excuse for the adults on the spectrum, because "after all, don't we all struggle with something?" … Continue reading Understanding Aspberger’s (as it pertains to my child)

Done with that autism spectrum “disorder” business

This is awesome! Pure and spoken from the soul! A must read!

I CAN Be Autistic

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I woke up a bit irritated, today. I’m happy for the weekend, but the weather is dreary, and my shoulder hurts. There’s a whole lot of stuff I want to do, while I have the free time. But I didn’t sleep quite as much as I’d wanted to, which is problematic. Oh, well — I’ll get a nap later. It’ll cut into my plans, but so it goes.

I was also irritated about the whole designation of “disorder” that goes with autism. I got my proverbial mental wheels spinning last night, thinking about Roy Grinker’s assertion that autism is a social construct. Gah! When I think about it, it just seems like yet another straight, white, neurotypical man getting pissy about being left out, and wanting to say that a group he can’t belong to doesn’t exist, rather than accepting that he’s not part of it, and will never be, so…

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Just Shut The $%@* Up!


I wanted to scream at my brother after he picked me up from the airport and started in on why he’s right about something he is completely ignorant on.

**Trigger warning**


**Double trigger warning! **

Especially after you have just found out your mother has a massive brain tumor!

In retrospect, I understand that is how he is dealing with this information. It’s easier for him to argue about how something is “technically” wrong than to understand there are other perspectives out there that aren’t “yet” backed up by science!

If people listened to Nicola Tesla when he surmised our ability to harness solar energy way back when, we would be way ahead of where we are now. Just because…

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The Asperger’s / autism spectrum ~ the next evolutionary step?

I just have to share your thoughts! You wrote them so beautifully!

the silent wave

The first time I heard this theory, it came from my partner, many years ago.  As usual, the threads of the same theory had been assembling in my head, too, but given my then-unknown tendency to separate thought from words/language, I could never quite express it.  When he proposed it, however, this instantly sparked the union of those thoughts and words.  I knew precisely what he meant.

Of course, neither of us made the connection to the Asperger’s/autism spectrum back then, but only because we didn’t know.  We had barely heard the term “Asperger’s”, and we knew the word “autism”, but for us, it conjured up the same imagery that it does for most people today, and back then, that certainly didn’t seem to hold any resemblance to a higher rung on the evolutionary ladder.  We seriously didn’t know.

What he had said, however, was that there had been certain…

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