“Well…If That Were MY Child!”

You know what's harder than having to explain to teachers and school administration every single year for the past 12 years that my son is not trying to be difficult,  he isn't trying to be disrespectful when he doesn't look at you while you lecture,  he isn't trying to challenge you when he doesn't turn … Continue reading “Well…If That Were MY Child!”


The Asperger’s / autism spectrum ~ the next evolutionary step?

I just have to share your thoughts! You wrote them so beautifully!

the silent wave

The first time I heard this theory, it came from my partner, many years ago.  As usual, the threads of the same theory had been assembling in my head, too, but given my then-unknown tendency to separate thought from words/language, I could never quite express it.  When he proposed it, however, this instantly sparked the union of those thoughts and words.  I knew precisely what he meant.

Of course, neither of us made the connection to the Asperger’s/autism spectrum back then, but only because we didn’t know.  We had barely heard the term “Asperger’s”, and we knew the word “autism”, but for us, it conjured up the same imagery that it does for most people today, and back then, that certainly didn’t seem to hold any resemblance to a higher rung on the evolutionary ladder.  We seriously didn’t know.

What he had said, however, was that there had been certain…

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Near Death Experience

Gosh!  Where to begin?! Like so many other parents with uniquely gifted kids, raising my daughter has been quite a journey with its fair share of highs and lows, constantly second guessing myself, many unanswered questions, desperation (at times), along with unimaginable rewards and amazing – AMAZING learning opportunities! Her life began with struggle: being born 4 weeks […]