Help Me Help My Daughter!

Sixth grade was just around the corner and I was terrified! My kid couldn't make it to the front door of school, much less SIX different classrooms! I decided I would try home schooling, but who was I kidding? I don't have the discipline to home school, so I was really lucky that my kid … Continue reading Help Me Help My Daughter!

Understanding Aspberger’s (as it pertains to my child)

I get so frustrated sometimes! I understand that a great portion of the population just do not understand ASD (hate the term "disorder") and either think it's a scapegoat for poor behavior (for the young Aspergians) or just an excuse for the adults on the spectrum, because "after all, don't we all struggle with something?" … Continue reading Understanding Aspberger’s (as it pertains to my child)

Near Death Experience

Gosh!  Where to begin?! Like so many other parents with uniquely gifted kids, raising my daughter has been quite a journey with its fair share of highs and lows, constantly second guessing myself, many unanswered questions, desperation (at times), along with unimaginable rewards and amazing – AMAZING learning opportunities! Her life began with struggle: being born 4 weeks […]