Welcome to Gifted and Misunderstood.  I am writing about my journey of being a mom to an amazingly gifted and often misunderstood daughter/son.

My son was born female and is currently exploring his identity to figure out where he fits.  He is on the autism spectrum and is considered “high functioning.”  He suffers from bouts of depression as well as anxiety.  He struggles in most everyday things, but excels in creative areas such as creative writing, singing and art.

It took me a little while to understand my son, myself, so I try not to be too hard on others when they believe advice is warranted or when they misjudge him, which, unfortunately happens all too frequently.

I believe that there are more and more people on the spectrum and not enough education out there to help parents help their children.

I was lost, searching aimlessly for answers that were not easy to find.  I’m still searching.

I am writing in hopes that by sharing my journey, a mom, dad, grandparent, uncle, aunt, friend, teacher, doctor… will recognize someone they know and realize that there is nothing “wrong” with that child, but instead many, many gifts to enjoy with that child and oh, so much to learn from that child!

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